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More and more people get stressed and burned out. Mental heath issues are on the rise. Behaviour Design can help. Book a presentation or mental health workshop with Specifii®’s founder – Behaviour Design & Mental Health Facilitator Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen at the Youandx platform


Speaker & workshop topics


Tools to reduce stress and impove mental health

How are you really doing? Empower your employees to improve mental health  now – do not wait until the employee is sick. Workshops include breathing techniques that help slow down immediately and help self-regulate the nervous system – to be more calm, healthier and happier. On top you are able to make better decisions, handle difficult situations and become a more caring colleague. 


Improve the Energy at work – get the insights and tools

 It’s afternoon. You are tired and go for the easy tasks. You are not concentrated and easy to distract. You go for cake and coffee to have more energy. In the presentation and workshop you can learn how to become more productive, creative, brave and ready – without coffee and cake.  Become more caring for yourself and colleagues with deeper compassion and serving higher shared goals. 

Team in sprint

Improve mental health for designers

Deeper listening and authentic communication – coherence between body, mind, behaviour and emotions.

Feel safe to speak up (psychological safety). Fear, shame and other emotions can prevent us from speaking up. Be empowered to change that. The effects are huge – become better at handling the difficult situations in the design process and become more compassionate, creative, innovative, bold and team player.


Healthier employees

Higher employee satisfaction

Save money – less sick leaves and higher efficiency

More creative employees

Meet the Founder

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Founder, Behaviour Design & Mental Health Facilitator Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

  • Traumaoriented Breathwork Facilitator – trained by Psychotherapist & Breathwork Facilitator Alex Gamberini
  • Master from the elite study Behaviour Design from Aalborg University  (2008) – cum laude
  • Behaviour design facilitator e.g. Royal Bank of Canada, PFA Pension, Yousee, Aalborg University and Ruhr University as part of project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education & Research
  • Co-created behaviour design tools to increase empathy and innovation
  • The Ancestral Healing Journey with expert in Healing Collevtive Trauma Thomas Hübl 
  • Spent 1 week at the buddhistic Plum Village in Summer 2022 learning several ways to increase compassion and be present

from the founder

“For years I worked hard without taking care of myself. I did not check in and did not know how I was really doing. I rarely had real breaks. I was not conscious that I was challenging my nervous system every day.  I was a lot in my head – very little in my body.  I was not conscious about energy and how it effected me and people around me. I was off work due to stress and repeated again. Until two psychotherapist helped me see and provided me tools to change my behaviour.  I suffered from stomach pains for many years. No doctor could explain why or help me heal. Now the pain is gone. Joining a breathwork facilitator training I can bring insights and tools to others. I feel a great responsibility and purpose much bigger than me bringing insights and tools to reduce stress and improve mental health. 

Today daily meditation, compassion and breathwork and keys in my practice. The result is not only improved mental health  – it’s life changing. Higher consciousness to be able to make better decisions, increased authencity, increased creativity and higher connection with the heart bringing more love into life.

Anne-Kathrine Kjaer Christensen

Founder Specifii®, Behaviour Design & Mental Health Facilitator

Energy at work

How conscious are you about your energy and your colleagues’ energy?

We will help you be aware on energy and help you get in the stage just between fresh and active which is the optimal state to be more efficient, creative and caring.

Energy and mental health

Build on research 

Nervous system

How conscious are you about energy? – and the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and how it effects you? We all influence each other. Bringing awareness to the nervous system can help you to realize how you are really doing – the signs are in your emotions and behaviour including your breathing. If you are not aware you can bring stress not only to yourself without knowing but also to the people around you.


We take it for granted but it reveals how we are really doing. Giving more attention to our breath and knowing breathing techniques can help you  access higher consciousness and improve your life.

Includes breathing practices from psychologists, experts in trauma and buddhists.  



According to Daniel Kahnemann that won a nobel prize in 2002 with the colleague Vernon L. Smith the autopilot primarily controls our choices and actions. We can take decisions and do actions that do not really serve us or others. Taking a deeper look: Exploring and becoming aware of behaviour – that is connected to body, thoughts and emotions – can become life changing

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