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SPECIFII® behaviour design game is developed in cooperation between the price winning game company Serious Games Interactive and Specifii.

Serious Games Interactive has developed +150 digital and +30 physical learning games – and won awards for several of them. 





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Behaviour Strategy

The Specifii® Behaviour Design Game consists of 6 phases in building a behaviour design strategy. Divided into minimum 2 teams the participants build a behaviour design strategy through fun and engaging exercises. Points are given to the team, who solved the exercise to the fulliest. The team with most points wins.

SPECIFII® Behaviour design toolbox

Overview of tools from the SPECIFII® behaviour design toolbox.  The toolbox is developed in cooperation between Aalborg University and Specifii. The specific choice of tools will be tailored to your specific case.


  • Impact mapping – mapping customer and business goal
  • Formulate and define your behaviour goal
  • Persona/customer avatar
  • User journey
  • Problem framing
  • SPECIFII® behaviour design game
  • SPECIFII® behaviour strategy



Ideate & Build

  • SPECIFII® driver funnel
  • Brainstorming
  • Scenario mapping
  • Storyboarding
  • User journey
  • Sketching
  • SPECIFII® behaviour design game
  • SPECIFII® behaviour strategy


  • Expert evaluation: How persuasive are your ideas/sketches? 
  • Risks: Will your concepts backfire, lead to a surprise behaviour or other?
  • Other tests can be added including tests with relevant users/customers
  • SPECIFII® behaviour design game
  • SPECIFII® behaviour strategy



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