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Join this 3-hour innovation workshop to learn and get inspired from drivers. Drivers are a set of techniques that can be used to shape or influence human behaviour. SPECIFII® offers + 70 drivers to choose from to inspire innovation and improve design discussions. The drivers help you with arguments to reflect and decide which concepts are better than others.

Bonus: take home +70 drivers online

Key Takeaways

Dive in the ocean of drivers

Dive in and explore drivers

Explore drivers originating from psychology, behavioural economics and rhetoric.

Deepen design disussions

Get relevant arguments to deepen design disussions.

You select the drivers

You select the drivers that you want to get more information about and tailor them to your needs.

Theory behind the drivers

Learn more about the theory behind the drivers and grow your knowledge in influencing techniques.

Generate innovative ideas

Get inspiration and bring out-of-the-box ideas to your projects.

Co-work and play with your colleagues

Work in teams, compete and discuss your ideas with colleagues.

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