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Are you a UXer or in a similar position?

You can become a behaviour design facilitator and get a tailored selection of Specifii® behaviour design tools to your playbook (toolbox) so you can facilitate a strategic behaviour design process again and again. You can then solve your problems and help both the business and customers achieve the goals. Get the training online in Miro or physical.

The facilitator package is developed partly with Serious Games Interactive and Aalborg University.

Aalborg University

Key Takeaways

Get the value from behaviour design to help your business and customers


Training for UXers to become behaviour design faciliator

Get the certificate and facilitate behaviour design in your company. This is for UXers and people in similiar positions.

Deepen design disussions

With behaviour design you get the tools to deepen design disussions. It’s easy to talk about whether a button should be red or green – behaviour design is an invisible layer in the design process and with the tools and process behaviour design becomes visible and tangible.

Behaviour strategy

Tailor behaviour design tools to your toolbox

You may already have a shared playbook (toolbox) in your company – we tailor a selection with you for creating best value for you, your colleagues, your business and your customers.

Trusted by our clients

Your trainer

Founder & Behaviour Design Facilitator Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen.

Anne has facilitated several behaviour design workshops both in person and online e.g. for Royal Bank of Canada and PFA Pension.  She is also contributing with some of her own research to the toolbox – read for example the article about the play based behaviour design sprint (workshop introduction papers for the adjunct proceedings) developed with Aalborg University for the Persuasive Technology Conference 2020.

Founder Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Maturing Human-Centered Design at RBC Wealth Management has been essential to delivering meaningful customer and business value, and the SPECIFII® Behaviour Design virtual workshop helped our practice give a significant step towards achieving that goal. We partnered with Anne to embark on the journey of exploring, framing, and designing a tailored training experience for our X1 team. Her ability to understand our needs and to prepare a learner-centric experience was remarkable; truly, she went above and beyond on every phase of the process. The consistent feedback I received from the senior researchers and designers is that the content and the learnings were fantastic. We are looking forward to continuing partnering with Anne on further Behavioural Design training.

Andres Ospina

Former Director Human Centered Design, Royal Bank of Canada

I participated in several workshops with Anne-Kathrine and both my experience and my colleagues experience was that Anne-Kathrine was a very good facilitator. The work with behaviour design was practical and easy to understand regardless of the level of experience with behaviour design. This is a unique opportunity to combine learning and use of behaviour design. You will for sure take away new ideas.

Mikkel Kaffka Schwarz

Former Strategic Business Developer, PFA Pension

Video with process and some of the tools

Check out this video about the strategic behaviour design process with the engaging behaviour design game.

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