Behaviour design workshop 

Behaviour design workshop

Anne from Specifii facilitated a 2-hour behaviour design workshop for +10 Journey Experts at YouSee. The case was about helping a specific type of customer to set up internet. This supported the KPIs to reduce calls to customer service and increase customer satisfaction.


“It was very inspiring to play with methods to understand and apply customer insights. It gave a good foundation for exciting discussions and helped us to build bridge from insight to action.  Anne-Kathrine was really good at facilitating the different steps where we discussed methods and also dug deeper in a specific customer journey.  The feedback from other participants was also very positive.”

Cecilie Morville

Chapter Lead, Customer Journey Expert, Yousee

YouSee Behaviour Strategy

 The team build a behaviour strategy to reach the behaviour goal.

Selection of drivers

The participants created ideas and sketches with selected drivers to help the customer.


Strategic behaviour design process

From behaviour goal to concepts to achieve the goal in just a few hours

Process with exercises

Process behaviour design

Playful process 

The participants were divided into 3 teams – the Detectives, the Superheroes and the Soldiers to compete and co-operate to solve the challenge and help the customer by proving a great user experience.


Tailored selection of drivers

Social proof

Concepts to help the customer

The 3 teams applied the selection of drivers and ended up with several concepts to solve the problem and achieve the goal. At the end the concepts were evaluated and 1 team came out as the winner – providing a strong concept to help the customer.