Specifii® created a framework and report to analyse and present insights from eye tracking, emotions tracking and mouse tracking for Userneeds. The purpose was to offer these insights to their clients in order for them to optimize the user experience.

Eye tracking and emotions tracking

Anne from Specifii® created a framework to analyse videos with insights from eye tracking, emotions tracking and mouse tracking to identify key insights and potential key pains to help a client optimize a website and create a better user experience.  Furthermore Anne created a report so results from the analysis is easy to understand and act on for the clients.


Anne from Specifii created a user friendly and insightful framework and report to help our consultants and customers in order to help them improve the user experience.

We have got good feedback from customers and can recommend Anne and Specifii.

Anders Mikkelsen

Business Development/Head of 360 Audiences (former), Userneeds

Want to know how users feel and where they look on your website?

Get insights in how your users feel and what they look at on your website and learn insights and potential pains in order for you to create a better experience for your users.

User insights