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Online behaviour design workshop

Remote behaviour design workshop

Anne from Specifii facilitated an online behaviour design workshop at RBC’s Xperience First Conference.

Maturing Human-Centered Design at RBC Wealth Management has been essential to delivering meaningful customer and business value, and the SPECIFII® Behaviour Design virtual workshop helped our practice give a significant step towards achieving that goal. We partnered with Anne to embark on the journey of exploring, framing, and designing a tailored training experience for our X1 team. Her ability to understand our needs and to prepare a learner-centric experience was remarkable; truly, she went above and beyond on every phase of the process. The consistent feedback I received from the senior researchers and designers is that the content and the learnings were fantastic. We are looking forward to continuing partnering with Anne on further Behavioural Design training.

Andres Ospina

Director Human Centered Design (former), Royal Bank of Canada

RBC Behaviour Strategy

 The team build a behaviour strategy to reach the behaviour goal.

Selection of drivers

The behaviour strategy helped tailor and choose from more than 70 drivers from psychology, behavioural economics and rhetoric


Strategic behaviour design process

From behaviour goal to concepts to achieve the goal in just a few hours

RBC Behaviour Strategy

RBC Behaviour Strategy

Process with exercises

RBC proces

Tailored selection of drivers

Social learning

Online workshop in Miro

RBC remote workshop in Miro

Valuable design concepts

The X1 team in Royal Bank of Canada was devided into 3 teams and ended up with several concepts including drivers from behaviour design supporting the business goal and value.

One concept is shown below. The other concepts cannot be shown as they are representing innovative ideas that cannot be shared.

RBC sketch

Let’s play – experience a behaviour design workshop

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