PFA Pension

Online behaviour design workshop – 1 day + 3 hours

Remote behaviour design workshop

Anne from Specifii facilitated an online behaviour design workshop for two strategic business developers, a digital UX Manager and a AI & Analytics manager from PFA Pension.

PFA Pension

I participated in several workshops with Anne-Kathrine and both my experience and my colleagues experience was that Anne-Kathrine was a very good facilitator. The work with behaviour design was practical and easy to understand regardless of the level of experience with behaviour design. This is a unique opportunity to combine learning and use of behaviour design. You will for sure take away new ideas.

Mikkel Kaffka Schwarz

Strategic Business Developer (former), PFA Pension

PFA Pension Behaviour Strategy

 The team build a behaviour strategy to reach the behaviour goal.

Selection of drivers

The participants created ideas and sketches with selected drivers to help the customer.


Strategic behaviour design process

From behaviour goal to concepts to achieve the goal in just a few hours

Process with exercises

Process behaviour design

 Playful process in Miro

The participants were divided into 2 teams – the Detectives and the Superheroes. The teams were competitive and at the end the detectives won in the battle to create value for the customer.

PFA Pension behaviour strategy

PFA Pension behaviour strategy

Behaviour design game

Tailored selection of drivers

Commitment and consistency
Social learning

Concepts to help the customer

The 2 teams applied the selection of drivers and ended up with several concepts . This was a first draft and feedback was giving both from the other team and from the facilitator to optimize the concepts. The optimization is not included in the shown concepts. The participants want to include more drivers in the ideation phase to challenge and improve the concepts to help the customer.

PFA Pension sketch
PFA Pension sketch2