Aalborg University, venue manager & skanderborg festival 

1-day Behaviour Design Sprint

Behaviour Design Sprint

Anne from Specifii® facilitated a 1-day Behaviour Design Sprint at Aalborg University for master students in Interactive Digital Media. This sprint was the culmination of courses in behaviour design and project management teached by assistant Professor Sandra Gram Hansen and professor Claus Rosenstand. Venue Manager delivered a Skanderborg Festival case with a problem for the students to solve.

Behaviour Strategy

 The team build a behaviour strategy to reach the behaviour goal.

Selection of drivers

Anne-Kathrine Christensen helped tailor and choose from more than 70 drivers from psychology, behavioural economics and rhetoric


Strategic behaviour design process

From behaviour goal to concepts to achieve the goal in a 1-day sprint

Tailored selection of drivers

Social learning

Sprint at Aalborg University with Venue Manager

Facilitator Anne-Kathrine Christensen
RBC remote workshop in Miro

Valuable design concepts

The students were split into 3 teams and competed against each other. Each team ended up with sketches including drivers from behaviour design supporting the business goal and aiming to solve the problem. Venue Manager will move forward with the ideas.