Royal Bank of Canada

Founder of Specifii® was facilitating an online behaviour design workshop for a design team in Royal Bank of Canada in Miro.

Royal Bank of Canada


Founder of Specifii® facilitated a behaviour workshop for +10 Journey Experts At YouSee. The workshop revolved around helping a customer set up internet.

Royal Bank of Canada


Specifii® was responsible for customer functionalities and design of user friendly customer journeys.


Specifii® created a framework and report to analyse and present insights to their customer’s behaviour. The purpose was for them to use these insights, to optimize their customer experience.


GOAL project for Federal Ministry of Education & Research in Germany

Specifii® facilitated a 1-day remote behaviour design workshop for some of the participants on the GOAL project from Ruhr University Bochum.

Specifii® has done user tests with selected customers and potential customers. Our focus were based on an expert evalutation of’s website and app as well as’s web analytics tool.


Specifii® did an expert analysis of Kropsinstituttet’s webshop based on data from Google Analytics and a review of the webshop. Based on this Specifii® presented recommendations, which aim to increase the conversion

behaviour design Presentations + workshops

The Founder of Specifii®, Anne, has done several presentations about behaviour design at events and conferences e.g. Persusasive Technology Conference at Stanford University, and Anne has facilitated more than 20 workshops.



Presentations about behaviour design

Anne from Specifii® has delivered presentations about behaviour design at these events:

- CPHUX, Sprints,  2020 (about the Behaviour Design sprint)
- Conversion Boost, 2019
- Danske Bank, Design Community, 2019
- Customer Experience, Computer World, 2018
- Ladies: Meet - Customer Experience, 2018

- Persuasive Technology Meetup at Syndikatet in Aalborg, 2018
- Persuasive Technology Meetup at We Know People, 2018
- Dark Patterns & Nudging Conference, 2017
- Meetup, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, 2017
- Persuasive Technology Meetup at iPaper in Århus, 2017
- Meetup, Ladies that UX, 2017
- UX/UI Design Meetup, 2017
- Preely Meetup, 2017
- UX Forum Copenhagen, 2017
- Web Analytics Wednesday, 2015
- Persuasive Technology conference, Stanford University, 2007

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