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Specifii® Behaviour Design Game is developed in cooperation between Specifii® and the price winning game company Serious Games Interactive. The process that the game is included in is developed in cooperation with Aalborg University.

The game facilitate a structured play based design process and includes insights from psychology, behavioural economics and rhetoric.



SPECIFII® behaviour design game is developed in cooperation between Specifii and the price winning game company Serious Games Interactive.

Serious Games Interactive has developed +150 digital and +30 physical learning games – and won awards for several of them. The company was founded in 2006 – Gametools joined in 2016. 


behaviour strategy




The foundation for the game

To benefit the most from the game and process we build a behaviour design strategy with you to have a stronger foundation for creating better concepts to help the customer. Divided into minimum 2 teams the participants build a behaviour strategy with fun and engaging exercises. Points are given to the team, who solves the exercises with best reflections and empathy for the customer. The team with most points wins.



Situation & Tech

Behaviour Goal



The game process

RBC proces

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Includes behaviour research

You will get stronger arguments for your design choices to reach target (e.g. increase sales). Include more than 70 drivers e.g. from psychology and engage, motivate and help the customer with transparent design.

Challenge and motivate

The game support the execution of the design process and challenge and motivate the team work.

Invites to a common language

The process invites to give you a common language working with behaviour design.

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