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Specifii® is a digital agency helping companies gain more insights in their customers. Specifii® was founded in 2015 by Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen.

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Join a facilitated play based workshop where you and your colleagues will get to product concepts that improve customer experience and engagement through behaviour science, a common language and team work.

Design Sprints

A behavioral design sprint has several things in common with a design sprint. It is a structured design process and an effective process for brainstorming and prioritizing ideas. A team process that quickly takes you from issue to solution.


Specifii helps business understand their customers and develop solutions that dictate the desired behavior. With expertise in behavioural design, Specifii can tackle whatever obstacle your company might experience.

Specifii® founder

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Founder Specifii®

Anne-Kathrine has worked as an external Product Owner for b2b and b2c products, and has facilitated behaviour design workshops nationally and internationally + remote and physical.

– CPHUX, sprints, 2020
– Conversion Boost, 2019
– Danske Bank, Design Community, 2019
– Customer Experience, Computer World, 2018
– Ladies: Meet – Customer Experience, 2018
– Persuasive Technology Meetup at Syndikatet in Aalborg, 2018
– Persuasive Technology Meetup at We Know People, 2018
– Dark Patterns & Nudging Conference, 2017
– Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, 2017
– Persuasive Technology Meetup at iPaper in Århus, 2017
– Ladies that UX, 2017
– UX/UI Design Meetup, 2017
– Preely Meetup, 2017
– UX Forum Copenhagen, 2017
– Web Analytics Wednesday, 2015
– Persuasive Technology conference, Stanford University, 2007


Workshop overall experience rate by 87% of the participants

Facilitator expertise rating

Facilitator expertise rate by 87% of the participants



SPECIFII® behaviour design game is developed in cooperation between the price winning game company Serious Games Interactive, Aalborg University and Specifii.

Serious Games Interactive has developed +150 digital and +30 physical learning games – and won awards for several of them. The company was founded in 2006 – Gametools joined in 2016. 

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