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Specifii® is a digital agency helping companies gain more insights in their customers. Specifii® was founded in 2015 by Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen.

Specifii® founder

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Founder Specifii®

International speaker

– CPHUX, sprints, 2020
– Conversion Boost, 2019
– Danske Bank, Design Community, 2019
– Customer Experience, Computer World, 2018
– Ladies: Meet – Customer Experience, 2018
– Persuasive Technology Meetup at Syndikatet in Aalborg, 2018
– Persuasive Technology Meetup at We Know People, 2018
– Dark Patterns & Nudging Conference, 2017
– Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, 2017
– Persuasive Technology Meetup at iPaper in Århus, 2017
– Ladies that UX, 2017
– UX/UI Design Meetup, 2017
– Preely Meetup, 2017
– UX Forum Copenhagen, 2017
– Web Analytics Wednesday, 2015
– Persuasive Technology conference, Stanford University, 2007

Founder, Behaviour Design & Mental Health Facilitator Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

  • Certified Traumaoriented Breathwork Facilitator May 2023 – trained by psychotherapist Alex Gamberini
  • Behaviour design facilitator e.g. Royal Bank of Canada, PFA Pension, Yousee, Aalborg University and Ruhr University as part of project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education & Research
  • Co-created behaviour design tools to increase empathy and innovation
  • External Product Owner for DFDS, Telenor and Trackbit
  • Master from the elite study Behaviour Design from Aalborg University  (2008) – cum laude

Workshop overall experience rate by 87% of the participants

Facilitator expertise rating

Facilitator expertise rate by 87% of the participants


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