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Empower employees to take care & transform


More and more people get stressed and burned out. Mental heath issues are on the rise.

Empower employees with insights and tools to improve mental health and personal leadership now.

There is a high focus on getting data from different sources – it’s time we also include the data from within. Our body and heart has so much valuable information for us. To deepen our reason for making decisions. To deepen the reason we get up in the morning. To deepen the connection with people around us and those we try to help in our job. And to listen deep so we can hear the signals from our body when we need to slow down or go right instead of left.


What we do

Specifii® is a digital agency that works to increase customer engagement, create great customer experiences, and change user behavior – through involving customers in product development and engaging customers with drivers from psychology, rhetoric, and neuroscience.

We also offer presentations and workshops to improve mental health and include the heart for deeper authenticity, improved decision making, personal leadership and more.



Join a workshop to improve mental health and heart connection.

You can also join a facilitated play based and structured workshop where you and your colleagues will get to product concepts that improve customer experience and engagement through behaviour science and team work.

Design Sprints

A behavioral design sprint has several things in common with a design sprint, but it also differentiates e.g. by including the SPECIFII® behaviour design toolbox, behaviour design game and helps to provide a shared language for your team to handle the difficult talks with your team. It is a structured behaviour design process and an effective process for brainstorming and prioritizing ideas. 


Specifii helps business understand their customers and develop solutions that help customers achieve the desired behavior. With expertise in behavioural design, Specifii can help you tackle obstacles your company might experience.


PFA Pension



SPECIFII® behaviour design game was developed for Specifii® by Serious Games Interactive, a prize-winning game company with 15+ years of experience.

The game invites to a common language and solution and facilitate a structured play based design process by challenging, motivating and engaging the participants.






Why behaviour design

You get stronger arguments for design choices to reach the goal (eg increased sales). With the help of behavioural research, including drivers from psychology, you can engage, motivate and help the customer with transparent design.

what people say

“This a great way to get people to team together and discover new approaches for designing products.”

Craig Saila

Design Strategy Leader, Toronto

“It was a jampacked day with a nice blend of practical exercises to expand research process as well as theory to get a better understanding of the drivers of people in digital services. I deepened customer focus and explored new concepts around design.”

Janek Gonsal

Designer, Designit, Sydney

”Exciting workshop with lots of concrete examples and tools you can start applying from day 1. ”

Valentin Jørgensen

Designer, iPaper, Århus

“What I really like about this facilitation tool is that it really helps people to participate in creating new ideas that they wouldn’t readily come up with on their own. The gaming mechanic really helps to prompt divergent thinking to uncover new opportunities for improving a conversion experience.”

Andrew Chak

Head of Experience Design, Wattpad, Toronto

“A gamified approach that aligns UX strategy with real value for customers. This could soon be a part of every product team’s toolkit.”

Michael Mancuso

Director of User Experience, Wiley, New York

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