Specifii’s treatment of personal information about you

1. Specifii is responsible for the data
Specifii is responsible for the treatment of the personal information which Specifii has received about you.
2. Contact Specifii
You can find Specifii’s contact information below:
Specifii IVS
Silkeborggade 20, 2.th.
2100 København Ø
CVR-nr.: 36478381
Phone: 40896007
E-mail: anne@specifii.dk
3. How does Specifii collect personal data?
  • Mailchimp – sign up to the newsletter – specifii.dk/com and social media
  • Google analytics for insights in behaviour – www.specifii.dk/com
  • From sociale media
  • Eventbrite for signup to events
  • Events
  • Survey Monkey – research
4. The purpose and legal basis for the treatment of your personal information
Specifii applies your personal information for these purposes:

·      Specifii registers information to conduct services.

Mailchimp is used for signups for newsletter (name+ e-mail) to send out newsletter, keep people posted and for branding.

Google analytics is used to register user behaviour- specifii.dk/com med to create a better experience for the users on the website.

Dropbox is used to store documents and to access them in an easy way and share with relevant people. Personal information will not be shared here.

Facebook, instagram, Twitter og LinkedIn is used for marketing and branding of events, product + sharing of content for branding. Furthermore, it is used to improve networking.

Eventbrite is relevant to  register sign ups + payment to events + information and marketing of events.

E-conomic is used by the bookkeeper for financial accounting and Dinero is for sending out invoices.

YouTube is used for videos often to promote events.

Survey Monkey is used for surveys to get insights

Azets handles payment of salary.

Unoeuro hosts website

Website is handled in WordPress

The legal basis for Specifii’s treatment of the personal information follows from:

·      Data protection regulation article 6, 1, litra b and f. In some circumstances Specifii also treats information after consent has been granted. You will be informed about this separately in relation to Specifii get’s the consent.

Legitimate interest persecutes the treatment

As mentioned above Specifii’s treatment of your personal information  happens on the basis of the balancing of interest rule in the data protection regulation article 6, 1, litra f.  The legitimate interests that reasons the treatment is to offer consultancy and planning tasks.

5. Which personal information does Specifii collect?
Specifii treats the following  personal information about you:
  • Name, e-mail, phone number in some cases, role/job title in some cases, company

6. Who does Specifii share data with?

Specifii passes on or leaves data for the following in relevant situations:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp (nyhedsbrev), Twitter, LinkedIN, Eventbrite, Economic, Dinero, Dropbox, Google analytics, YouTube, SurveyMonkey, Azets, UnoEuro, WordPress

7. Transfer to foreign countries
Specifii applies services from foreign countries, so your personal information can be transferred to receivers outside EU and EØS.

8. Storage of your personal information
Specifii storage your personal information as long it is needed for relevant purpose. Client relationships can be limited to a specific project but there is often a chance cooperation later and therefore the information can be applied for projects later.
9. The right to withdraw consent

Specifii can treat some personal information based on separate consent from you. You always have right to withdraw your consent. Do this by contacting  Specifii (see 2 above).

Do you choose to withdraw your consent, it effects from the time you inform it. It does not effect the treatment of personal information that according to nr. 3 above is treated on another basis than consent.

10. Your rights
You have according the data protection regulation some rights in relation to how Specifii treats personal information about you.

Do you want to apply these rights, you need to contact Specifii (see 2).

The rights to see information
You have the right to see the information  that Specifii has registret about you.
The right to have correct information
You have the right to correct information.

The right to be deleted
In special circumstances you have the right to have information deleted. Data will always be deleted if it’s not used over a time period.
The right to limit treatment of personal information
In some circumstances you have the right to limit the treatment of personal information. If you have the right to have the treatment limited, Specifii can only treat your information – except from storage – with your consent or for legal requirements to be settled or defeded or to protect a person or public interest.

The right to opposition
In some circumstances you have the right to object Specifii. You can also object treatment of your information for branding. Specifii will ask for separate consent to apply information such as pictures in marketing (eg social media and specifii.dk/com) .

The right to transmit information
In some circumstances you have the right to receive your information in a structured, ordinary language and to have these personal data transferred from one who is responsible for data to another.
You can read about your right  in the instructions from Datatilsynet.  You can find the instructions about the rights here: www.datatilsynet.dk.

11. Complain to Datatilsynet 
You have the right to complain to Datatilsynet if you are not satisfied with the way that Specifii treats your data.  You can find the contact information for Datatilsynet here: www.datatilsynet.dk.