Specifii® can help you build a behaviour strategy to reach a target behaviour.  Experience the play based behaviour design process with the SPECIFII® behaviour design game. We offer you workshops, a design sprint and consulting – also remote




Join a facilitated play based workshop where you and your colleagues will get to product concepts that improve customer experience and engagement through behaviour science, a common language and team work.

Design Sprints

A behavioral design sprint has several things in common with a design sprint. It is a structured design process and an effective process for brainstorming and prioritizing ideas. A team process that quickly takes you from issue to solution.


Specifii helps business understand their customers and develop solutions that dictate the desired behavior. With expertise in behavioural design, Specifii can tackle whatever obstacle your company might experience.

Creative Process

Our creative process consists of 5 phases

How do your customer feel?

As part of our design sprint we test our concepts. Together with Userneeds we offer you the opportunity to figure out how your customers feel. With eye tracking technology and emotional response identification we can test how your website performs and how it influences your users emotions.

Meet the facilitator

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen is founder of SPECIFII® and SPECIFII® behaviour design game. She is an expert in behaviour design, and she has a master from the elite study Persuasive Design (cum laude).

Anne-Kathrine has worked for agency, public and private companies e.g. Telenor, DFDS and Kristeligt Dagblad, and she has done presentations about behaviour design at meetups, at companies and at conferences e.g. Customer Experience conference at Børsen in 2018 and at ConversionBoost 2019.

what you get

A behaviour design workshop gives you a behaviour strategy. It is a structured design process and an effective process to brainstorm and prioritize ideas.  A team process that lead to fast product concepts supported with research e.g. from psychology.

Behaviour research

✔    70 drivers from psychology, behavioural economics and rhetoric

✔    Create innovative ideas

✔    To engage, motivate and help your user reach target behaviour

✔    Improve design discussions and get  stronger arguments for your design choices

Play with the SPECIFII® behaviour design game

The game support the execution of the design process and challenge and motivate the team work.

Get a common language

The process invites to give you a common language working with behaviour design.

Let’s play! 

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