5 days behaviour design sprint

Beautiful location in Carlsberg Byen

The behaviour design sprint can happen at your place or at Spaces in Carlsberg Byen

Ny Carlsberg Vej 80,

1799 København V

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The roles can vary and can be:

  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager
  • Business Owner
  • UX Researcher
  • UX Designer
  • Business Developer
  • CX expert
  • Art Director
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Relevant stakeholders

"Users are overloaded with digital solutions and information, both private and at work, thus behaviour design should be an integrated perspective in any design process. Good digital solutions relieve the user, without limiting the possibility for independent choices. It’s not only about usability, but also about motivation and transparency and about respecting the users’ preconditions and needs."

Why behaviour design?

You will experience a behaviour design sprint - a play based design process to cooperate across organisation and roles. You will get from idea to product concept in 5 days

Tool to test and validate your product concept 

Sketches with concept(s) with help from behaviour research (e.g. drivers from psychology)

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Who is the target group?

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Mobile: +45 40896007

E-mail: anne@specifii.dk

  • Owner of the consultancy Specifii
  • Founder SPECIFII™  behaviour design game to facilitate the behaviour design sprint
  • Customer Experience consultant
  • Has worked for agency, public and private companies e.g. Telenor, DFDS and Kristeligt Dagblad
  • Has done presentations about behaviour design at meetups, at companies and at conferences e.g. Customer Experience conference at Børsen in 2018 and at ConversionBoost 2019
  • Has been part of the design process for several companies 
  • Has a master from the elite study Persuasive Design (cum laude)
  • Is co-author to research articles about behaviour design

Teams who work with product and business development

Behaviour design sprint  

Do you experience challenges like keeping customers or engaging them?

Understand your customer and the problem before you build solutions

Join a facilitated play based design process where you and your colleagues with a common language, behaviour science and team work in 5 days will get to a product concept, you will test to improve customer experience and engagement. 

Structured design process

A structured play based design process and the right drivers can provide a transparent and good customer experience - and save you time and money. SPECIFII behaviour design game is developed in a cooperation between the award winning  game company Serious Games Interactive, Aalborg University and Specifii.

Meet the facilitator

Contact the facilitator

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

E-mail: anne@specifii.dk

Phone number: +45 40896007 

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

 Anne: anne@specifii.dk   40896007

Anne has hosted behaviour design workshops before. Meet some of the participants


”Exciting workshop with lots of concrete examples and tools you can start applying from day 1. ”

Valentin Jørgensen

About the game

Meet the game developers

Serious Games Interactive

Peter Josef Kuczynski (PJ)

PJ is creative manager and develop the SPECIFII behaviour design game with his team with content from facilitator and Customer Experience Consultant Anne from Specifii and Aalborg University.

Serious Games Interactive has developed +150 digital and +30 physical learning games - and won awards for several of them. The company was founded in 2006 - Gametools joined in 2016. 

Analysis from Gallup show that companies that apply principles from behaviour economy outmatch other companies with 85% in sales growth.

Read more about the advantages to behaviour design

Janek Gonsal

Facilitated behaviour design sprint


It was a jampacked day with a nice blend of practical exercises to expand research process as well as theory to get a better understanding of the drivers of people in digital services. I deepened customer focus and explored new concepts around design.”

Meet some of the players

“Persuasion in design is often regarded as a subset of UX, but it goes beyond UX and the mechanics of traditional usability."

UX Magazine

Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen

About the behaviour design sprint

Includes behaviour research

You will get stronger arguments for your design choices to reach target (e.g. increase sales). Include drivers from psychology and engage, motivate and help the customer with transparent design.

Includes SPECIFII behaviour design game

The game support the execution of the design process and challenge and motivate the team work.

Facilitated by consultant Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Anne is founder of the game, has a master in Persuasive Design, experience from design processes from several companies and 10 years of experience from companies like Telenor, DFDS and Kristeligt Dagblad

Invites for a common language

The process invites to give you a common language working with behaviour design.


Michael Mancuso, Director of User Experience, Digital Education, New Jersey

"What I really like about this facilitation tool is that it really helps people to participate in creating new ideas that they wouldn’t readily come up with on their own. The gaming mechanic really helps to prompt divergent thinking to uncover new opportunities for improving a conversion experience."

From idea to product concept

- in only 5 days

Craig Saila
Michael Mancuso

"This a great way to get people to team together and discover new approaches for designing products"

Craig Saila, Design Strategy Leader, Toronto 

"A gamified approach that aligns UX strategy with real value for customers. This could soon be a part of every product team's toolkit."

Andrew Chak


Andrew Chak, Head of Experience Design, Toronto

Drivers from psychology, neuroscience and rhetoric

An earlier version of the game is tested in Danmark, US and Canada with teams in larger companies and agencies

Inviteres to a common language and solution

Facilitate a structured play based design process 

Challenges, motivates and engages

Assistant Professor and PhD in Persuasive Design, Aalborg University


Janek Gonsal, Designer, Sydney


Valentin Jørgensen, Designer, Århus

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SPECIFII behaviour design game is developed in cooperation between the price winning game company Serious Games Interactive, Aalborg University and Specifii.

"Nick Chater, professor of behavioural science at Warwick Business School, argues that the combination of basic scientific research with user-oriented design thinking is a powerful one. 

Behavioural scientists in the fields of psychology and economics are producing reams of research about human behaviour, and designers have the skill and experience to turn those insights into products and services that make our lives happier or safer."

Chris Goward

Read more advantages to behaviour design

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A behaviour design sprint has more things in common with a design sprint. It is a structured design process and an effective process to brainstorm and prioritize ideas.  A team process that lead to fast product concepts.

You will get this with a SPECIFII behaviour design sprint:

Sandra contributes both in the development of the game and the sprint.

is included several days